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Bses Delhi New Connection

Procedure For Getting New Connection From Bses Delhi

If you have finally decided to get a new connection from bses delhi then you need to follow stated below important points.

  • First of all you need to visit the official website of bses and download an application form.
  • Now fill this online application form with appropriate information such as your name, resident address, mobile number or landline number, valid email ID etc.
  • After filling the application form successfully, you need to submit it to nearest office along with certain required documents.
  • Hence, for getting new connection, applicant needs to submit certain documents including voter ID card, ration card, ownership or sale agreement, passport, passport size photographs, possession or allotment letter and recent monthly slip of any registered residential society.
  • In case of co-ownership, applicants need to offer NOC of second owner.
  • Applicant also needs to submit previous bses duplicate bill in order to get a new connection.

Additional Information

Apart from aforesaid information, for getting a new connection from bses delhi, applicants need to follow some other important instructions such as

  • Once, applicants have submitted their new connection application form along with certain required documents then they need to go for further procedure.
  • Remember while submitting new connection application form, applicants also need to present previous bses duplicate bill.
  • After getting your application, the competent authority will send an authorised electric engineer to your premises in order to verify the required load.
  • Applicants need to remember that getting a new connection would be depending on the engineer’s verification report.
  • Basically, sent engineer will check out due bills of resident and asses the required electric load.
  • Once, engineer will submit positive verification report about you then your new connection would be activated within 7 working days.
  • In case of negative verification report, you need to re-visit the nearest office and get all further information. You should remember that engineer is only authorised to assess your electric load, previous due bills etc but he is not authorised to offer or reject your new connection.
  • If you find that engineer has not given proper verification report then you need to complain to senior competent authorities of the organization.
  • However, in case of negative verification report, you can also consult about the technical points and official terms and conditions of the organization. Remember, most of the time, applicants do not understand or read carefully provided terms and conditions, hence they have to face trouble while getting new connection.
    So, it is necessary for an applicant that he or she needs to first understand all the critical points of official terms and conditions in order to get new connection without any trouble.
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