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Monthly Billing

A bill will be post to the consumer on monthly basis that means per month one bill will be get by the consumer.  An approach of ‘Consumer First’ favored by the BSES Rajdhani Power Limited and about 17.3 lakh of bills for the consumers will be transformed by this company in both West and South Delhi. BRPL has started process of monthly billing for all domestic and nondomestic industrial consumers instead of bimonthly billing from March 2013.  Despite this, only monthly billing will be transformed to other categories.

All the benefits given in billing of two months will be continuously enjoyed by the consumers in this billing of one month. Just for example, just before the billing due date, every consumer will get 15 days to pay bills and also the eligible ones will be slab benefits and subsidy also.

Benefits of Monthly Billing

  • All the expenses per month will be more managed by the consumers.
  • Consumer will also line up their schedule of electricity bills with other bills like credit card bill, EMIs, mobile bills, landline bill, and cable bill etc.
  • All the regarding information will be provided to every consumer in time so that they can conserve the energy by usage.

Consumer will now easily pay their bill of electricity by the benefits given by the BRPL. Now all the consumers can be able to deposit their bill of electricity at the cash counter of the BRPL full week from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturday the timings will be 9 am to 3 pm at the bill kiosks of the company from March 2013. One can also visit the website of BSES for more option of payment website

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